11 Lemon Balm Uses That Will Improve Your Daily Life

Lemon balm is an herb that not only is easy to grow but has incredible calming and anti-viral properties. If you’re ready to learn how to grow this medicinal verb and use it in your daily live, then read on to get 11 creative lemon balm uses you can implement today!

From fighting a cold to combatting acne and bug bites to topping your fruit salad — lemon balm has many health benefits that you don’t want to miss:

Get Rid of Blemishes

Is your skin breaking out? Do you have uneven and patchy skin that is showing blemishes from time to time? You can make a remedy for acne by mixing cosmetic clay with lemon balm tea — and dabbing it on your problem areas.

Not only does this combination reduce redness, but it takes away itchiness, which makes it a nice remedy for bug bites as well.

Get Ready for Bed

Lemon balm makes an excellent syrup for getting sleepy and preparing for bed. To make your own sleepy-time remedy at home:

  • Add 3/4 cup lemon balm leaves to a pot of water, full enough of water to cover the lemon blame leaves.
  • Bring to a simmer and continue heating until the water reduces by half.
  • Pour the liquid and leaves into a strainer and throw away the leaves.
  • Into the strained liquid, stir in a 1/4 cup of raw honey.
  • Pour the mixture into a mason jar and store in your refrigerator for up to a week.
  • Take a spoonful of the syrup before bed to relax and to calm yourself, but keep in mind that you should not give honey to infants under the age of one year old.

Brew a Lemon-y Tea

You can brew an easy, relaxing lemon tea with lemon balm leaves. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wash a batch of lemon balm leaves.
  • Pick leaves from stem and drop into a clean Mason jar.
  • Boil three cups of water and pour into the jar until it is full.
  • Place the lid on the jar to allow the tea to simmer.
  • Pull out the leaves after the tea has cooled, and sweeten with honey.
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