Living Room Progress (How we are visualizing furniture in a weird space)

Our living room is the hardest space in my house for me to visualize.  It is literally like a brainteaser when it comes to space and furniture and colors and sizes.  Anyone else feel that way about a space in their home?  Like it was made for someone else with other things and definitely not YOU and YOUR THINGS?  It is so frustrating!

In the last seven years we have tried every configuration that we could think of.  We tried floating things off the walls, different size rugs, so many different chairs and different orientations.  When it came down to it, it was just beyond my abilities.  I am no designer and as a mom of five – I have my own set of needs when it comes to the living room….

  • it needs to be child friendly but not become a playroom
  • it is the only spot we have a tv for the kids to watch so it has to seat all of us
  • it is our main entertaining area so it has to be adult friendly
  • it has to be able to be cleaned easily and resist ALL the candy and spills and dirty little toddler fingers
  • and it has to be affordable

So what was the issue?  Well, first it is the space itself.  It is a long and narrow room with one wall that has the fireplace (focal point) and built-ins, one wall completely of doors and windows (nowhere to put furniture), one wall with a giant opening to our kitchen and one with a different ceiling height that has doors and walkways.  It means that we have to float furniture….the biggest challenge in my mind.

In the space before, we brought in our white slipcovered couch from our old house.  We all loved that couch.  It was basically indestructible and so comfortable and cleaned up like a dream. But then it started to show wear.  After nine years a couch will do that.  

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